School Advisory Council


The mission of the St. James School Advisory Council is to provide advice to the pastor and principal of the school with regard to its governance. These duties include, but not limited to, fiscal policy making, planning, and personnel functions that serve to foster the highest possible standards and Catholic identity of St. James Elementary School.

Voting Members


Dr. Dolores Gioffre - Chairperson


Ms. Rita Miller - Vice Chairperson


Rev. William Smith


Ms. Donna Venezia Toryak


Mrs. Brenda Yori Velasco - Secretary


Mr. Robert Durso


Mr. Robert Golden


Mr. Ryan Michelson


Dr. Victoria deGuzman


Mr. Donald Brown


Ms. Susan Williamson


Mr. Peter Barcellona


Mrs. Nancy Drumm


Mr. Frank Pelzman


Non-Voting Members


Rev. Msgr. Charles Cicerale

Ms. Camilla Lauricella


Mrs. Frances Comiskey


Mrs. Gina Moore


Mrs. Lori Jensen



Ex-Officio Members


Mayor John Mc Cormac


Mrs. Verne Kreisel