The HSA is a volunteer association of parents and teachers that strives for better education for all of our students. It also promotes the ever-necessary lines of communication between the home and the school.

St. James HSA 2017-18


Rev. Msgr. Charles Cicerale Pastor
Mrs. Frances Comiskey Principal
Gina Moore President
Mr. Keith O'Connor Vice President
Mrs. Karen Bonner Treasurer
Ms. Jeannette Rutkowski Recording Secretary
Mrs. Michelle Sandrik Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Carrie Sullivan O'Connor Athletic Director
Mrs. Kristen Palmisano Athletic Treasurer
Lailanie Barrett Co-Hospitality Chair
Mrs. Patty Kaschak Social Concerns
Mr. Vinny Makfinsky Wildcat Weekly
Mrs. Karen Bonner Scrip Coordinator
Ms. Debi Strish Licensing Chair
Mrs. Stephanie Yap Spirituality
Mrs. Gail Jimenez Obligations
Vacant Project Coordinator
Mr. Glen Hebbe Legislative Chair
Mrs. Joyce Hebbe Class Parent Chair



Any questions about HSA and/or upcoming events, please contact Mrs. Gina Moore @ ginamoorehsa@gmail.com

Any questions about obligations or obligation hours please contact Mrs. Gail Jimenez @ gkobstad@gmail.com 



HSA Upcoming Events


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